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spill factor: Best Coast via

Vodpod videos no longer available. has been really impressing us with their output lately. This recent feature on Best Coast is a lot of fun.


just for the record

always and forever without a second thought or doubt, I’m with:

from the couch: FlashForward

Former castmembers from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Lost.  Dominic Monaghan playing a quantum physicist. Global gamechangers. Surreal mysteries.  Somebody knew how to make exactly the kind of show I want to watch.  And they’ve done it well. (click through for more)


cult classic: how crayons are made

This old segment produced for Sesame Street has always been a favorite—and an early influence on my aesthetics and filmmaking.

brolin on snl

Vodpod videos no longer available.
“He is a smart face; he is a clean face; he is a tough face . . . and he is a . . . never cry face . . . !” The clip above is one of my all time favorite SNL sketches.

Watching this 2008 SNL rerun for the third time, I’m convinced it’s one of the best SNL episodes in recent history.  Hosted by Josh Brolin, the episode contains a Tim Calhoun bit, appearances by Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg and Sarah Palin, pregnant Amy Poehler raising eyebrows in a white trash bar, pregnant Amy Poehler rapping in lieu of Sarah Palin, Josh Brolin waxing poetic on the various shades of autumn, not to mention these fantastic sketches (above and below the jump) . . .


from the couch: an end to an era


Farewell, my love.  I lift my double-walled glass of scotch to you as your polygon coffin floats off into the vacuum of space.

(Am I a cylon . . . ?)

new favorite show: better off ted


better off ted
wed : 08.30 : abc

Imagine a Don Draper/Miles Massey hybrid leading the secondary characters from Arrested Development through the screwball wing of Fringe‘s Massive Dynamics.  Yeah.