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new favorite musician // When Saints Go Machine

Danish mysteriousness crossed with a fresh update on the soft new romantic sound developed by bands like Talk Talk and Tears for Fears make Peter really like this new band from Denmark—When Saints Go Machine.


favorite new musician // Craft Spells

Peter has trouble not liking any band that perfectly encapsulates late 80s brit pop—especially when it’s drowning in a hypnagogic sheen and it soundtracks a video of someone riding a bike.

Craft Spells // Party Talk :

Craft Spells // After the Moment :

new favorite musician // Keep Shelley in Athens

Peter likes this new sound coming out of Greece being made by Keep Shelly in Athens.

Keep Shelly in Athens // Song to Cheer You Up :

Keep Shelly in Athens // Running Out of You :

Keep Shelly in Athens // Fokionos Negri Street :

Keep Shelly in Athens // Hauntin’ Me :


new favorite artist // Autre ne Veut

Peter likes this white boy soul sandwiched between reverb and noisy samples.  Some serious subterranean hypercolorisms.

Autre ne Veut // Two Days of Rain :

Chocolate Bobka captured the sound in raw, grainy, flourescent, goodness:

new favorite musician // James Pants

Looking past the fact that his life sounds like an annoyingly hip Michael Cera indie teen dramedy—music fanatic kid takes his date on a detour from their prom night to hang out with a visiting music star at local record shops, ultimately catching his big break—Peter really likes Mr. Pants‘ jams!  Really likes them!

James Pants // Alone :

James Pants // Darlin’ :

James Pants // Kathleen :

new favorite musician // Twin Shadow

Timeless anachronism.  Neo Romantic.

Twin Shadow // “Forget” : Terrible Records

“At My Heels” :

“When We’re Dancing” :

“Slow” :

new favorite musician // Teen Daze

Could the waves get any more chiller?  Adding a bit of technicolor to the same sound Washed Out is putting out there (you know I “like him” like him, too) and contributing some killer remixes to other bands I like, Teen Daze has quickly become a new favorite.

Teen Daze // “Saviour” :

Teen Daze // Twin Sister remix : “All Around and Away We Go” :

Teen Daze // “Shine On You Crazy White Cap” :