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peter likes music // 2010

Peter’s grandfather regularly remarks that he believes music continues to get better and better.  Peter has to agree.

Peter liked a lot of things in 2010.  Mostly he liked the music.  let me count the reasons:

favorite songs
favorite 20 albums
top 5 albums
top 5 eps

favorite official videos
favorite live videos
favorite concerts



new favorite video // Tame Impala : “Expectation”

The whole world. compressed into 16:9.

Tame Impala // “Innerspeaker” : Expectation

daytrottin’ // Tame Impala

Tame Impala brought their spaced-out jams to the Daytrotter studios—check out the tracks here.

new favorite video // Tame Impala : “Lucidity”

“I might suck fizzle or I might just float away . . . ”

Playing in the middle of the land down under, Tame Impala release a camera being carried into the stratosphere by a weather balloon . . . incredibly perfect video for a rad song.  That last shot is priceless.

new favorite album // Tame Impala : “InnerSpeaker”

Tame Impala // “InnerSpeaker” : 2010.05.21 : Modular
genre dream psych
sounds like watercolors in space. Imagining all the people on soft acid. headphones and Eames rockers.  polarized lenses on 3d glasses.  manual transmissions.
notes why do people complain that the singer sounds like John Lennon?  Is that a bad thing?
verdict addicted to this like heroine.

new favorite song // Tame Impala : “Runway, Houses, City, Clouds”

Tame Impala‘s “Runway, Houses, City, Clouds” from their forthcoming Innerspeaker: