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new song // Wild Beasts : “Albatross”

Wild Beasts // Smother : 2011.05.10 : Domino : Albatross


peter likes music // 2010

Peter’s grandfather regularly remarks that he believes music continues to get better and better.  Peter has to agree.

Peter liked a lot of things in 2010.  Mostly he liked the music.  let me count the reasons:

favorite songs
favorite 20 albums
top 5 albums
top 5 eps

favorite official videos
favorite live videos
favorite concerts


free music // Wild Beasts : “We Still Got the Taste Dancin’ on our Tongues” 10inch

For a limited time, Domino Records is giving away Wild Beasts’ new 10″ here!

from the crowd: Still Life Still + Wild Beasts at the Independent

Still Life Still

Wild Beasts

favorite music of 2009.

I don’t feel complete unless I’ve compiled a list ranking my favorite music of the year (too many NYEs spent up late listening to the top 100 countdown on the headphones.)  So, here goes:

favorite 30 albums
top 5 albums
favorite 20 songs
favorite 10 videos


not Max’s imagination: Wild Beasts in Juan’s Basement

Picture 26

Wild Beasts sound stunning in the confines of the cellar chez Juan.  That drummer! That bongo!

Wild Beasts on Daytrotter


I realize this band’s vocals are not going to jive with most people’s tastes, but I love them.  And the musicianship and songcraft is even better.  The elements that might’ve come across as most strange or challenging on their album seem to negated and improved upon in this live session for Daytrotter.

I highly recommend The Devil’s Crayon if you only listen to one song: