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new favorite album // Destroyer : “Kaputt”

Destroyer // “Kaputt” : 2011.01.25 : Merge
soft glam pop
sounds like ice skating at night. sipping vodka under a streetlight. Tonal rainbows in the mists of Avalon. Shafts of sunrise dragging across the interior of a Concord.
notes an evolution of the tones and textures and songs on his beloved Your Blues.
verdict possibly best Destroyer album; potentially the album of 2011.


new favorite album // Smith Westerns : “Dye it Blonde”

Smith Westerns // “Dye it Blonde” : 2011.01.18 : Fat Possum
power glam garage pop
sounds like the last day of school. smoking behind the shed. “The Slider” album cover photo shoot.
notes previously underwhelmed, currently obsessed.
verdict one part guilty pleasure, two parts youthful genius.

new favorite album + new favorite song // Small Black : “New Chain” + Photojournalist

Small Black // “New Chain” : 2010.10.25
noise bliss pop punk
sounds like glass helicopter rides through sun rays. the punks are taking ecstasy. broken glass being vacuumed in slow motion. mixed media gallery show opening party. beach pop delayed through thick atmosphere. new year’s eve 2025.
notes music as art as music.
verdict squaring off nose-to-nose with Tame Impala for album of the year.

Photojournalist :

new favorite album // Abe Vigoda : “Crush”

Abe Vigoda // “Crush” : 2010.09.20
post new wave
sounds like ice skating down empty city streets. snow leopards in foggy green jungles. candle-lit attic dance parties. light cycles speeding into suburban sunsets.
notes really digging the evolution this band has taken.
verdict a slow ice burn to excellence.

Dream of My Love (Chasing After You) :

new favorite album // Of Montreal : “False Priest”

Of Montreal // “False Priest” : 2010.09.14
psych pop glam
sounds like the album’s cover art.  Saturday morning cartoon funk. Prince and Bowie on a date at a graffiti-covered soda fountain.
notes higher production values does the band good.
verdict if albums were rated on likelihood that Peter would sing along at top volume with the windows of the car rolled down then this album would get an 11 out of 10.

Godly Intersex :

new favorite album // Twin Shadow : “Forget”

Twin Shadow // “Forget” : 2010.10.19
neo romantic
sounds like empty night clubs. a.m. radio hits in midnight offices. drinking coca-cola out of glass bottles in the land down under. mid-summer night motorbikes on tropical dirt roads.
notes sounds so familiar and so alien at the same time—luscious, dirty and sleek—nostalgia for the future.
verdict I’ve loved this album my whole life even though I just met it.

new favorite album // Miniature Tigers : “Fortress”

Miniature Tigers // “Fortress” : 2010.07.27
power psych pop
sounds like rainbow pianos on jungle beaches. Paul McCartney’s camp fires.  Frontal lobe chemical cascades.  Vanagons full of tambourines and kazoos.
notes sounds like a good Morning Benders or Dr. Dog album in the same way Morning Benders or Dr. Dog sound like a good Beatles album.
verdict I get giddy and dance around the kitchen every time it’s on.j