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new favorite album // Destroyer : “Kaputt”

Destroyer // “Kaputt” : 2011.01.25 : Merge
soft glam pop
sounds like ice skating at night. sipping vodka under a streetlight. Tonal rainbows in the mists of Avalon. Shafts of sunrise dragging across the interior of a Concord.
notes an evolution of the tones and textures and songs on his beloved Your Blues.
verdict possibly best Destroyer album; potentially the album of 2011.


listen party // Destroyer : “Kaputt”

Peter doesn’t just like Destroyer.  Peter reveres him.  This album has taken that reverance to a stratospheric new height.

Destroyer // Kaputt : 2011.01.25 : Merge Records : stream in its entirety here.

live video // Destroyer : “Painter in Your Pocket”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Destroyer playing one of the songs Peter likes most from the Destroyer album Peter likes best.

new favorite video // Destroyer : “Kaputt”

Destroyer // Kaputt : Kaputt : 2010.01.25 : Merge

Don’t get fooled by the first 45 seconds.  Or the next 90 seconds.  In fact, just don’t get fooled by anything.


new song // Destroyer : “Chinatown”

Destroyer // “Kaputt” : 2011.01.25 : Merge : Chinatown :

coming soon // New Pornographers : “Together”

New Pornographers Together To be released May 4—until then you can stream it in its entirety on NPR.

New Pornographers // Together : Your Hands (Together) :

favorite albums of the decade.

Terrorism, war, recession . . . whatever.  This was a terrific decade for music.  These were the albums that gripped me and never let go and remain head-and-shoulders above the rest.