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just for the record

always and forever without a second thought or doubt, I’m with:


from the couch: FlashForward

Former castmembers from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Lost.  Dominic Monaghan playing a quantum physicist. Global gamechangers. Surreal mysteries.  Somebody knew how to make exactly the kind of show I want to watch.  And they’ve done it well. (click through for more)


from the couch: an end to an era


Farewell, my love.  I lift my double-walled glass of scotch to you as your polygon coffin floats off into the vacuum of space.

(Am I a cylon . . . ?)

new favorite show: better off ted


better off ted
wed : 08.30 : abc

Imagine a Don Draper/Miles Massey hybrid leading the secondary characters from Arrested Development through the screwball wing of Fringe‘s Massive Dynamics.  Yeah.