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Blu // Big Bang Big Boom

My favorite street art film maker is at it again.


radness : video // Breakbot : “Baby I’m Yours”

Some sweet, hand-painted animation by Irina Dakeva for a pretty rad song.

new favorite artist: florian maier-aichen


In a blissful marriage of old world and new world, LA artist (via Germany) Florian Maier-Aichen takes photographs and then manipulates them digitally to create a painterly photo-realism.  I’m in love with about every piece of his I’ve seen.  Click through to see a few more of my favorites . . .


destruction and creation: Blu + David Ellis = COMBO

Blu does it again.

from the shop: mr. blue sky


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in the art shop and finished the piece I’ve been working on for several months. I haven’t really liked it. I left the shop last week thinking of starting from scratch.

But after yesterday’s bike ride to the shop, I arrived at my studio space and was surprised at how happy I was with the artwork–all I needed to do was add a couple finishing touches. More photos of the finished piece, now hanging in our living room, and a video of the process below the jump . . .