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new favorite video // Blouse : “Into Black”

Perfect.  Just perfect.

Peter is beginning to really like Blouse.

Further evidence:

Blouse // Firestarter :


new favorite video // Destroyer : “Kaputt”

Destroyer // Kaputt : Kaputt : 2010.01.25 : Merge

Don’t get fooled by the first 45 seconds.  Or the next 90 seconds.  In fact, just don’t get fooled by anything.


new favorite video // Tame Impala : “Expectation”

The whole world. compressed into 16:9.

Tame Impala // “Innerspeaker” : Expectation

new favorite video // Miracles Club : “Church Song”

Miracles Club // Church Song

It’s like Soul Train mashed up with Degrassi Junior High.  Anyone who’s paid attention to my favorite music videos will likely see a fairly common thread—dancing.  Get-on-your-feet-don’t-care-who’s-watching-or-how-you-look dancing.  It’s the best kind and the only kind I know. . .

new favorite video // Twin Sister : “All Around and Away We Go”

Twin Sister // All Around and Away We Go

A perfectly charming video for this perfect song.

new favorite video // Sun Airway : “Put the Days Away”

I had some of my most effervescent dreams in my urban pad, too.

Oh, and I still miss my [stolen] bike . . .

Sun Airway // “Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier” : Put the Days Away

new favorite video // Tame Impala : “Lucidity”

“I might suck fizzle or I might just float away . . . ”

Playing in the middle of the land down under, Tame Impala release a camera being carried into the stratosphere by a weather balloon . . . incredibly perfect video for a rad song.  That last shot is priceless.