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peter likes music // 2010

Peter’s grandfather regularly remarks that he believes music continues to get better and better.  Peter has to agree.

Peter liked a lot of things in 2010.  Mostly he liked the music.  let me count the reasons:

favorite songs
favorite 20 albums
top 5 albums
top 5 eps

favorite official videos
favorite live videos
favorite concerts



listen party // No Age : “Everything In Between”

No Age // “Everything In Between” : 2010.09.28 : Sub Pop

You can stream the album in its entirety at The Guardian.

coming soon // No Age : “Everything in Between”

No Age // “Everything in Between” : Sub Pop : 2010.09.28

Really digging this new song from the forthcoming album…


Just discovered Nowness—sublimel curated culture.  Just check out the videos above and below for proof.

Aanteni was filmed in the abandoned SpaceX facilities and features an original score by No Age.

no age: ATP 2009

Who knew No Age was so hilarious.  Well, I knew.  OK, I didn’t.  But I knew they were insane musicians.  OK, I didn’t know they were insane.  Who knew?  They’re not insane.  I made that up.  But they are hilarious.  Really.

Well, they’re funny.  Very funny.  “Nobody put’s Johnny in a corner!”

from the crowd: Pixies @ The Fox

Pixies have ruled my musical life for two decades now.  I’ve seen Mr. Charles “Frank Black Francis”  more times than I can count.  While never seeing them life in their original incarnation, my wife and I have seen the Pixies three times since their reunion.  Coachella was not quite up to snuff (would’ve preferred listening to them on my headphones in the comfort of my own home), but a set at the outdoor ampitheater in Bend was incredible.  However, the best show by far was their show at Oakland’s Fox Theater on their Doolittle tour (with the added bonus of No Age opening!)  Above is a video montage of the experience . . .

the year in music: 2008


I need to rate and sort and organize and, apparently, report back. I can’t help it. after the jump, I’ve listed my favorite albums of 2008 along with some other musical tidbits:

favorite albums of 2008
top five albums of 2008

favorite songs of 2008

favorite live shows of 2008

favorite 2008 discoveries of old music