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the Wavves that never quite was

Peter really liked the direction Nathan was going with Wavves when he was jamming with Zach Hill, but was surprised nothing ever seemed to come of it—instead scrapping the project to make the utterly lovable King of the Beach album.

His beachy highness, though, did just share some more tracks from those Zach Hill sessions—they don’t have quite the same elegance as the jams on King of the Beach, but did we fall in love with Wavves for elegance?


new song // Wavves : “Mutant”

Wavves : Mutant :

new song // Wavves : “Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Your Heart)”

Wavves // Summer is ForeverStained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Your Heart) :

peter likes music // 2010

Peter’s grandfather regularly remarks that he believes music continues to get better and better.  Peter has to agree.

Peter liked a lot of things in 2010.  Mostly he liked the music.  let me count the reasons:

favorite songs
favorite 20 albums
top 5 albums
top 5 eps

favorite official videos
favorite live videos
favorite concerts


listen party // Wavves “King of the Beach”

Fat Possum records is sharing a full album stream of Wavves‘ forthcoming King of the Beach lp here.

I just have to point out, I totally have that same mug.  Or at least a Garfield/Odie mug from the same series—I think it came with a Happy Meal when I was a kid.  It’s now used to hold toothbrushes in my parents’ basement bathroom . . .

the beatles + green day x the weed demon = new Wavves!

So glad Nate did not drop off the face of the earth after his breakdown—finding his new songs to be improving on the promise of his first album . . .

Wavves // King of the Beach : Post Acid :

Wavves in the studio working on their new album (by Pete Ohs):

new favorite album // Wavves : “King of the Beach”

Wavves // “King of the Beach” : 2010.06.13 : Fat Possum
psych pop power punk
sounds like resting your head on the sea bed of nails.  flight of the navigator space wars. bmx spraypaint. white album noise pop.  supersonic sleighbells.  helium high fives.
notes if it takes a nervous breakdown to make an album this incredible, I hope he has a few more.
verdict the opposite of a sophomore slump—a triumph of noise an pop.