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new music // Violens

Violens are streaming some new songs over on their site.


free music // Violens : “Summer Mixtape”

Violens // “Summer Mixtape” : download here

favorite music of 2009.

I don’t feel complete unless I’ve compiled a list ranking my favorite music of the year (too many NYEs spent up late listening to the top 100 countdown on the headphones.)  So, here goes:

favorite 30 albums
top 5 albums
favorite 20 songs
favorite 10 videos


new favorite song: The Very Best “Heart of Africa (Violens remix)”


Woke up to overcast skies, changing leaves, quiet cool and a blanket of peacefulness.  It’s definitely autumn (this weekend’s trip to the pumpkin festival pretty much sealed the deal.)  This amazing Violens (love those guys) remix of The Very Best casts a new, transcendent spin on the day’s gloominess.  Something bigger feels like it’s happening . . .

At the very least, I will be delaying my annual dusting off of Tears for Fears, Talk Talk, Simple Minds and New Order while this song refreshens the genre.