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peter likes music // 2010

Peter’s grandfather regularly remarks that he believes music continues to get better and better.  Peter has to agree.

Peter liked a lot of things in 2010.  Mostly he liked the music.  let me count the reasons:

favorite songs
favorite 20 albums
top 5 albums
top 5 eps

favorite official videos
favorite live videos
favorite concerts



listen party + coming soon // Deerhunter : “Halcyon Digest”

Deerhunter // “Halcyon Digest” : 2010.09.28 : 4AD

The album is streaming in its entirety on NPR.

video // Deerhunter : “Helicopter”

Deerhunter // “Halcyon Digest” : “Helicopter” : 2010.09.28 : 4AD

Deerhunter // Revival

Deerhunter // Revival 7″ : “Revival” :

favorite music of 2009.

I don’t feel complete unless I’ve compiled a list ranking my favorite music of the year (too many NYEs spent up late listening to the top 100 countdown on the headphones.)  So, here goes:

favorite 30 albums
top 5 albums
favorite 20 songs
favorite 10 videos


the year in music: 2008


I need to rate and sort and organize and, apparently, report back. I can’t help it. after the jump, I’ve listed my favorite albums of 2008 along with some other musical tidbits:

favorite albums of 2008
top five albums of 2008

favorite songs of 2008

favorite live shows of 2008

favorite 2008 discoveries of old music