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The sunshine of my Plamoybil farm life.

My gorgeous bride left this message for me last night.  Or my daughter.  Or both of us.  Probably my daughter.

One thing, before all other things: Peter likes his valentine.


from the director’s chair: mary turns twenty-ten

Peter likes his sister. Happy birthday Mary.

from the director’s chair: tolay fall festival

The lighting, setting and company at the Tolay Fall Festival this last weekend inspired me to create this short.

from the director’s chair: spring lake, summer/fall

on possibly the last warm weekend of the year, we took the bicycles up to Spring Lake Park and spent a lazy afternoon riding around.  I put together this piece based around a song my daughter improvised to try and convince me to “be a dog.”

from the director’s chair: a very hometown parade

We love our little, rural town on the Fourth of July. So I made this silly, little video. [music courtesy: Department of Eagles.]