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fair Maida // Fleet Foxes perform new songs

Fleet Foxes performed 8 songs (6 new!) on Zane Lowe’s BBC show.

Listen to Bedouin Dress below and click through for the rest.


video // John Maus : “Believer”

Professor Maus never quits with the killer jams.  This is like listening to Echo & The Bunnymen playing from a hilltop through heavy fog.

John Maus // We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves : Believer :

new song // Wild Beasts : “Albatross”

Wild Beasts // Smother : 2011.05.10 : Domino : Albatross

new favorite musician // When Saints Go Machine

Danish mysteriousness crossed with a fresh update on the soft new romantic sound developed by bands like Talk Talk and Tears for Fears make Peter really like this new band from Denmark—When Saints Go Machine.

new video // Fleet Foxes : “Grown Ocean”

Pretty impressive song and video by one of the favorites around these parts—Fleet Foxes.

new song // Fleet Foxes : “Battery Kinzie”

Sounding more and more like Simon and Garfunkel (which, in hindsight, also makes their other song released from this album sound more like S&G and less like CSN&Y.)  And that’s not a bad thing.  Peter likes it.

Fleet Foxes // Helplessness Blues : Battery Kinzie :

new song // Ford & Lopatin : “Emergency Room”

The artists formerly known as Games—whose ep “People Play” was one of Peter’s most-liked eps 2010—now go by the more straightforward Ford & Lopatin (their last names) moniker.  And they’re released their first single under this handle: Emergency Room.

It’s incredible!

Ford & Lopatin // Emergency Room :