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from the couch: an end to an era


Farewell, my love.  I lift my double-walled glass of scotch to you as your polygon coffin floats off into the vacuum of space.

(Am I a cylon . . . ?)

5 responses

  1. here’s to all your beautiful post-9/11 blade runnerisms

    2009/03/21 at 07:52

  2. here’s to spaceships run on poetry

    2009/03/21 at 07:52

  3. here’s to tears lost in the rain

    2009/03/21 at 07:52

  4. here’s to wanting nothing but to be with the love of your life

    2009/03/21 at 07:53

  5. here’s to saving your daughter

    2009/03/21 at 07:53

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