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from the couch: FlashForward

Former castmembers from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Lost.  Dominic Monaghan playing a quantum physicist. Global gamechangers. Surreal mysteries.  Somebody knew how to make exactly the kind of show I want to watch.  And they’ve done it well. (click through for more)

All the superficial reasons aside, FlashForward is a consistently well-written and well-produced show.  It thoughtfully deals with issues of destiny, heroism, life and death, alcoholism, trust, faith and love.  But ultimately?  I’m a sucker for the time paradox.  The whole world sees what they’re going to be doing in 6 months.  And despite any efforts towards or away from this ‘inevitability,’ the prophecies begin self-fulfilling themselves.  For instance, a character who has been sober for 7 years sees himself drinking in 6 months.  The anxiety produced by this revelation leads him down a path toward alcohol temptation.

The show deserves attention.  Please watch!

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