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new favorite show: better off ted


better off ted
wed : 08.30 : abc

Imagine a Don Draper/Miles Massey hybrid leading the secondary characters from Arrested Development through the screwball wing of Fringe‘s Massive Dynamics.  Yeah.

First things first: no laugh track.  That alone is enough to earn it a top spot in the sitcom world.  The humor is intelligently strange and, though over the top, oddly realistic.  There are a million throw-away moments that will reward repeated viewings.  The characters already feel fully fleshed-out and the comedic timing and subtlety of the actors is spot on.   Sarah and I laughed significantly more during this pilot episode than we did during last night’s The Office and 30 Rock combined.  Anyone out there reading this: please watch as much as possible.  So I don’t get my heart broken like I have so many times before!

(it really picks up at 0:45)


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