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coming soon // OMD : “History of Modern”

Orchestra Manouevres in the Dark // “History of Modern” : 2010.09.20 : 100% Records

Not wholly displayed in this blog (except perhaps via influences on the bands that are displayed on this blog) is my passion for the Post Punk/New Wave/IDM of the 80s—Echo & The Bunnymen, Wire, Magazine, New Order, Simple Minds, Tears for Fears, etc.  There are few exceptions to the rule of being a fairly nonplussed by these bands contemporary output (Wire and maybe New Order being among the limited exceptions.)  I don’t expect to be wowed by the forthcoming OMD album, but I am excited by the fact that it’s the first album that both of the original band members are part of since 1986.  As well as the fact that it will contain a song they composed in 1981 but haven’t released until this album—”Sister Marie Says”:

Their new single/video—”If You Want It”—is also pretty rad:


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