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Peter really likes bread.  And the best bread Peter’s ever had has been made by Mike [the bejkr] Zakowski in Sonoma, CA.


video // Young Dreams : “Young Dreams”

Peter likes this Young Dreams song.  Peter really likes this video.  Peter really, really likes this house.

Peter wants to take a floor nap in the sun . . .

the Wavves that never quite was

Peter really liked the direction Nathan was going with Wavves when he was jamming with Zach Hill, but was surprised nothing ever seemed to come of it—instead scrapping the project to make the utterly lovable King of the Beach album.

His beachy highness, though, did just share some more tracks from those Zach Hill sessions—they don’t have quite the same elegance as the jams on King of the Beach, but did we fall in love with Wavves for elegance?

listen party // Cold Cave : Cherish the Light Years

Is this really the first time Peter’s posted about Cold Cave?  Cuz Peter really does like Cold Cave . . . must not’ve mentioned it before.  Silly Peter . . . Silly ol’ Peter . . .

Cold Cave // Cherish the Light Years : 2011.04.05 : Matador

Stream the new album in its entirety here.

new song // Fleet Foxes : “Battery Kinzie”

Sounding more and more like Simon and Garfunkel (which, in hindsight, also makes their other song released from this album sound more like S&G and less like CSN&Y.)  And that’s not a bad thing.  Peter likes it.

Fleet Foxes // Helplessness Blues : Battery Kinzie :

Wolfram x Hercules and Love Affair

A rare case of a remix being as good or better than the original.

Hercules & Love Affair // Blue Songs : Painted Eyes [Wolfram remix] :

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