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live video // The Walkmen x Ray Concepcion

I just realized I haven’t posted a single thing about the stellar new Walkmen album Lisbon—which we’ve been spinning pretty regularly around these parts.  I suppose when you come to expect greatness from a band and they consistently deliver greatness [and then some], you start to take it for granted and neglect to talk about them for all “new/exciting/of-the-moment” bands.  If this had been their first album anyone had heard, we probably would have all had our collective minds blown to smithereens by it.  As it is, we just sit back, close our eyes and prepare for the intense radness we know we’re going to get.

Well, it’s never too late to start talking about something you like, so here are several live Walkmen songs from Lisbon as presented by the 100% awesome Ray Concepcioñ:

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